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Carlya Piccott

On Sunday, June 1, 1975, as a 10 year old little girl, I sat by myself in a pew towards the front of my home church.  My parents were newly saved through the Sunday School Bus Ministry, and recent members of Lake Lansing Baptist Church.
The Pastor preached a message on how I would either spend eternity in Heaven or Hell, the decision was completely up to me. He graphically detailed the wonders of Heaven, and the painful torments of Hell.  I knew that just because my parents were going to Heaven, didn't automatically mean I would.  I had to make my own decision.  The invitation came, I went forward, and asked Jesus into my heart to be my Savior.
After High School I attended Bible College, where I not only graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree, but the Lord blessed me with a husband who has always faithfully served Him.  In July 1988, as a newly married couple, the Lord led Kirk and I to settle in Newfoundland, where we continue to serve Him through the ministries of First Baptist Church.
I thank the Lord for His saving grace, unending love, protection and guidance in my life.

Service Times

9:45am Sunday School
9:45am Adult Class
11:00am Junior Church
11:00am AM Service
6:30pm PM Service

6:45pm Prayer Meeting
6:45pm JOY Club
6:45pm Youth Group