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The Battle for God’s Blessing

"I will not let thee go, except thou bless me."
Genesis 32:26

Genesis 32 records an interesting account in the life of the Old Testament patriarch Jacob. Jacob’s grandfather, Abraham, stands out in the Scripture as a man that possessed great faith. His father, Isaac, beautifully pictures the Savior who submissively and willingly laid His life on the altar. As we meet the man Jacob, we find one that is characterized by deception and by doing things in his own strength. Jacob sought his father’s blessing by the use of cunning craftiness (Genesis 27).

In Genesis 32, Jacob comes face to face with the Lord and at first Jacob is still wrestling with the Lord and seeking to have things his own way. The Bible tells us that the Lord touched him and we see an immediate change in Jacob’s response. Instead of seeking to prevail, we find Jacob clinging to the Lord. The Lord had to teach Jacob that the way of blessing comes not as we fight for it in our own strength, but as we yield to the Lord and rely on Him for our blessing. Today, many believers are seeking blessing by their own efforts and are finding themselves discouraged, frustrated, and ready to quit. May we instead learn as Jacob learned that our blessing is not obtained by our efforts. It comes as we cling unto Him and ask Him to bless. Beloved, leave behind your self-dependence and cling unto your God that you too might know His blessing.

Pastor Bateman

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