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Then He Speaks

"Father forgive them; for they know not what they do."
Luke 23:34

All through the trial that our Lord was subjected to, the mistreatment, the ridicule, and the beatings, our Savior never opened His mouth (Isaiah 53:7). Now we find the Savior nailed to the cross and giving His life a ransom for all mankind. As we approach the scene of Calvary, we finally see our Savior speak. Truly, the words that He speaks are tremendous for they are words of forgiveness. If it were you or me on that cross, I would dare say that our first words might have been ones that declared our innocence. Our words might have cried out for justice and demanded that judgment be brought upon all our false accusers. Our Savior never complained. He never called for judgment. He spoke of forgiveness.

How deep a love our Savior has for us? His heart longed for those that placed Him on that cross to be forgiven. May I remind you that it was your sin that put Him on the cross and it was for you that He prayed that prayer? He suffered in silence, but He spoke of forgiveness.

As you contemplate Calvary do more than see the event. Do more than read the facts. As you contemplate Calvary take the time to stop and listen and hear what the Savior had to say.

Pastor Bateman

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